As we continue to watch the markets and read the news, it is only natural to feel anxious about the future.  We’re entering a new normal and this lack of control worries us enormously (see our earlier article of last week).  We are talking to clients more than ever; helping each one understand that to ‘do nothing’, while increasing that feeling of impotence, can sometimes be the bravest and yet most prudent decision to make.

Be assured, there is an enormous amount of work being undertaken on your behalf.

Your investment managers are constantly reviewing the market and doing everything at their disposal to maintain the true value of your funds.  Work carries on and no investment house is sitting still, waiting for this to pass.  We attach a recent article from one of our investment partners.  This explains in clear terms the work that they continue to undertake to protect that true value of your fund.

Our strong message remains to be, do not move funds that have suffered a drop into cash or equivalent.  The damage that can be done by missing the full extent of the upward swing can be difficult to regain.

We’re all hard at work, so that you can sit this one out (at home, with the TV on).

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