As we keep a keen eye on our investments and look out from our windows onto the (almost) empty streets , there does seem to be a ‘turning of the tide’ towards more encouraging news.  Shopping is almost bearable now, we appear to be on track to cope with the inevitable surge in diagnosed cases yet to come and we feel supported by our Government.  We are learning how to home school and our appreciation of Teachers, NHS staff and front line services is higher than ever (hands up who was at their front door clapping into the street last week).
The true price of the pandemic is yet to be truly priced into markets and of course we will expect to see volatility in the coming weeks and months.  However, the strongest and most relevant message continues to be “wait”.   We have learned lessons in the past and we benefit from this experience.
We’ve attached an update from one of our investment partners that looks at this in more detail.
As always, we’ll keep you informed.
Investing through the Pandemic